“Share Prayer” Event 6 April 2019

As part of Prayer Month, Neath Port Talbot Methodist Circuit are holding a “Share Prayer” event on Saturday 6th April at Sandfields Methodist Church, Western Avenue, Port Talbot. Doors will open at 9:30 am, with refreshments being served until 10 am. The session will finish at 12:30 pm..

This will be a morning of exploring different ways, and purposes, of praying through interactive workshop sessions.

Workshops will include:

  • pastoral prayer, where there will be an opportunity to practise praying for, and with, others;
  • silent/ meditative prayer, where there will be an opportunity to explore the use of music, pictures and objects in prayer;
  • and a prayer station workshop which will explore setting up and using prayer stations to focus prayers; We will be creating a prayer station which focuses on Christianity in our lives as a whole. For this, there is an invitation to bring along an object which is symbolic of your life within the church, and another that is symbolic of your life outside of the church.

All Welcome.

The Circuit Team