Glynneath Methodist Church

30 Aberdare Road, Glynneath, Neath, SA11 5HY

glynnWesleyan Methodism commenced at Glynneath with the advent of Mr and Mrs Thomas Taylor to the Powder Works at Pontneathvaughn.  The first service was held above the old corn stores at the head of the canal.

With much prayer and fundraising, land was found at Aberdare Road.  The foundation stone was laid in 1890 and the building was completed and dedicated for worship in 1892 during the superintendency of Rev Ebenezer Cole.  20 years after, the vestry was added.  After the last war, the chapel was completely renovated and repairs and improvements are still being carried out today.


The faith shown by the founder members has continued through the many families and individuals who have attended over the years.  Up until a few years ago, there was an active Sunday School with some of the young people continuing in faith to become full members.

Pontneathvaughan waterfall

The legacy left by Mr and Mrs Taylor still exists. The Church was founded on love and the pledge to keep a warm welcome for all who enters its doors still remains today.